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This profile page summarizes all known activity of the Twitter user World_Policy related to Climate Change. This Twitterer may have appeared supporting this topic, against it, or in a separate context: this biographical entry simply demarks this Twitterer as having referenced content suggesting contextual association with Climate Change.

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All Media Count   78
News Count (W/Clustered)   24 (30.77%)
Distinct Stories   19
Blog Count   0 (0.00%)
Tweet Count   53 (67.95%)
Shared Tweet Count   76
Links Tweeted   53
Combined Tone   0.10
Combined Polarization   6.17
Combined Activity   0.87
Combined Personalization   0.87
News Tone   0.60
Blog Tone   0
Tweet Tone   -0.12
First Seen   10/21/2009
Last Seen   2/2/2011
News/Social Ratio  30.77%
Attention/Loyalty  52 / 2808 days (1.85%)
Estimated Location   Unknown
Twitter Profile (External Link)   [Profile]


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66.67% (16)
20.83% (5)

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Media Research Center   5.13% (4)
Al Gore   5.13% (4)
Scott Whitlock   2.56% (2)
Cal Lutheran University   2.56% (2)
United Nations   2.56% (2)

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Copenhagen, KAvn*, Denmark   5.13% (4)
White House, District Of Columbia, United States   3.85% (3)
Mckinley, Oregon, United States   2.56% (2)
Reese, Maryland, United States   2.56% (2)
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada   1.28% (1)

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United States   2.56% (20)
China   2.56% (7)
United Kingdom   2.56% (5)
Australia   2.56% (4)
Denmark   2.56% (4)

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KAvn*, Denmark   5.13% (4)
Nova Scotia, Canada   1.28% (1)
Guizhou, China   1.28% (1)
Beijing, China   1.28% (1)
Cienfuegos, Cuba   1.28% (1)

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New York, United States   7.69% (6)
District Of Columbia, United States   6.41% (5)
California, United States   2.56% (2)
Maryland, United States   2.56% (2)
Michigan, United States   2.56% (2)

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Egypt   2.56% (11)
United States   2.56% (5)



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World_Policy   24.36% (19)[Profile]
salivates   7.69% (6)[Profile]
CO2HOG   7.69% (6)[Profile]
SmartMarketing1   3.85% (3)[Profile]
newsfeeding   3.85% (3)[Profile]

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Think Progress » Home Page   7.69% (6)   6.41% (5)   5.13% (4)

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Newsbusters.Org   14.10% (11)
Huffingtonpost.Com   7.69% (6)
Smdp.Com   1.28% (1)
Burntorangereport.Com   1.28% (1)
Firedoglake.Com   1.28% (1)

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News Articles

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Ben Grossman-Cohen: A Bad Climate for Food

...... Every day seems to bring a new story of the impacts of climate change on poor farmers and families around the world. Last week, the New York Times brought us a dramatic report of scorched farmland in the "heartland of the Fertile Crescent" where hundreds of thousands of people have fled as dispossessed farmers and their families in Syria and Iraq adjust to four consecutive years of drought. ......

(704 words by
Tone: -0.69%
Pol: 8.45%
Act: 24.65%
Per: 2.35%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

2 Tweets

Dr. Reese Halter: Global Warming: Bees and Flowers

...... This past weekend, people in 188 countries at 7,000 events united as one voice in the fight against oil, gas and coal, rising greenhouse gases and a warming world. "Kick coal and oil out" was heard around the globe. Change is the only thing constant in life and when it comes to our insatiable addiction to petroleum products, the time has come to move beyond an antiquated, toxic and now life-thre ......

(1061 words by

[Show/Hide 1 Additional Article]
Tone: -0.44%
Pol: 6.11%
Act: 21.06%
Per: 1.06%
Que: 3.51%
Exc: 1.75%
2 Articles
5 Tweets

Heather Taylor-Miesle: Congressional Candidates' Views on Clean Energy, Climate Change: MI-07

...... champion. He received a 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) in 2009, and voted in favor of the historic American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), the first global warming bill to ever pass a chamber of Congress. Following the vote, Schauer said he supported ACES because his "top priority as a member of Congress is to fight for Michigan jobs, and this bill will help ......

(515 words by
Tone: 0.37%
Pol: 4.84%
Act: 20.30%
Per: 1.68%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 7.14%

5 Tweets

Heather Taylor-Miesle: Show Up and Speak Up for Climate Change Legislation

...... tell them to block attempts by some Senators to weaken the Clean Air Act--the 40-year-old law that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives--in an effort to further delay reductions in global warming pollution. Some naysayers claim that voting on visionary legislation is a risky proposition when we are this close to an election. They are wrong, and history proves it. As I wrote in a recent ......

(321 words by

[Show/Hide 4 Additional Articles]
Tone: 0.91%
Pol: 6.95%
Act: 28.70%
Per: 4.23%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%
5 Articles
5 Tweets

Hit Job: ABC News Attempts to Align Climate Change Skeptics with White Supremacists |

...... Hit Job: ABC News Attempts to Align Climate Change Skeptics with White Supremacists "The FBI tells ABC News it's looking into a spike in threatening e-mails to climate scientists like Penn State's Michael Mann," Harris said. And Mann, who has a lawsuit against Minnesotans for Climate Change, a group that publicly mocked him for his discredited hockey stick graph, where he allegedly ......

(461 words by
Tone: -1.87%
Pol: 7.68%
Act: 23.65%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

3 Tweets

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All 53 tweets:
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...Demystifying Energy: (Steven Hayward) Chasing after the three-ring circus of the climate change controversy for ...

(20 words)
(02/02/2011 at 04:02:07 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: -5.00%
Pol: 5.00%
Act: 20.00%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Time Magazine Writer Crams Climate Change Propaganda Into Piece About Developing Countries

(16 words)
(02/01/2011 at 12:33:57 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: -6.25%
Pol: 6.25%
Act: 25.00%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Obama to Push New Initiatives on Global Warming Junk Science in SOTU: The state-run media wants you to believe t...

(25 words)
(01/24/2011 at 9:56:21 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 4.00%
Pol: 4.00%
Act: 24.00%
Per: 4.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Brrr… Great Britain Experiences Coldest Winter in 1,000 Years: It must be global warming. A girl makes a snowman...

(24 words)
(12/30/2010 at 8:30:50 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 4.17%
Pol: 4.17%
Act: 16.67%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Time Mag Headline 'Holiday Blizzard: More Signs of Global Warming'

(16 words)
(12/29/2010 at 08:45:55 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 6.25%
Pol: 6.25%
Act: 18.75%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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