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This profile page summarizes all known activity of the location Yellow River, China (General), China related to Climate Change. This location may have appeared in articles supporting this topic, against it, or in a separate context: this biographical entry simply demarks this location as appearing in content suggesting contextual association with Climate Change.

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All Media Count   596
News Count (W/Clustered)   416 (69.80%)
Distinct Stories   285
Blog Count   165 (27.68%)
Tweet Count   14 (2.35%)
Shared Tweet Count   13
Links Tweeted   0
Combined Tone   0.66
Combined Polarization   6.36
Combined Activity   0.67
Combined Personalization   0.67
News Tone   0.69
Blog Tone   0.93
Tweet Tone   -3.31
First Seen   3/31/2009
Last Seen   5/29/2011
News/Social Ratio  69.80%
Attention/Loyalty  276 / 2806 days (9.84%)
City   Yellow River
Region   China (General), China
Country   China
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3.61% (21)
2.93% (17)
46.13% (268)
54.39% (316)

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Related People

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Aiguo Dai   14.60% (87)
Kevin Trenberth   12.75% (76)
Fred Pearce   7.72% (46)
Koko Warner   6.88% (41)
Charles Ehrhart   6.88% (41)

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Related Organizations

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National Center   14.77% (88)
American Meteorological Society   12.75% (76)
National Science Foundation   9.23% (55)
Ipcc   8.72% (52)
Atmospheric Research   8.05% (48)

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Yellow River, China (General), China   97.48% (581)
Yangtze, China (General), China   28.19% (168)
Beijing, Beijing, China   26.68% (159)
Indian Ocean, Oc,    19.46% (116)
Arctic Ocean, Oc,    15.60% (93)

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Related Countries
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China   8.05% (581)
United States   8.05% (321)
India   8.05% (303)
Niger   8.05% (117)
Japan   8.05% (109)

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Related Global Regions

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China (General), China   97.48% (581)
Beijing, China   28.02% (167)
Oc,    25.00% (149)
Guizhou, China   19.13% (114)
Guangdong, China   13.59% (81)

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Colorado, United States   24.66% (147)
California, United States   14.77% (88)
Washington, United States   13.59% (81)
Mississippi, United States   8.89% (53)
District Of Columbia, United States   8.05% (48)

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Outlet Location Countries
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United States   8.05% (189)
China   8.05% (34)
Scotland   8.05% (18)
India   8.05% (18)
Australia   8.05% (14)

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The following Twitterers tweet links about this location

GreenDIYnrgee   0.67% (4)[Profile]
WarmImpact   0.34% (2)[Profile]
Parasshuram   0.17% (1)[Profile]
Jessy1533   0.17% (1)[Profile]
MortenDueholm   0.17% (1)[Profile]

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Top News Outlets

This location tends to be mentioned in articles from the following news outlets:

Chinadaily.Com.Cn   2.01% (12)
People.Com.Cn   1.68% (10)
Xinhuanet.Com   1.51% (9)
Yahoo.Com   1.34% (8)
Nytimes.Com   1.17% (7)

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Top Blogs

This location tends to be mentioned in articles from the following blogs:

Climateark.Org   1.01% (6)
E-Greendiscussion.Com   0.67% (4)
Earth-Stream.Com   0.50% (3)
Agwobserver.Wordpress.Com   0.50% (3)
Reportenergy.Com   0.50% (3)

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News Articles

All 416 news articles:


Drought Poses major risks to companies in China - Environmental Expert (press release)

...... , aggregate and map the water risks they face in targeted river basins around the world An initial prototype of Aqueduct rsquo s risk mapping tool is already available for the Yellow River basin in China , and work is underway to expand the scope of the tool to basins worldwide , including the Yangtze and the Colorado Aqueduct rsquo s approach acknowledges the fact that different ......

(537 words by
Tone: 1.08%
Pol: 5.73%
Act: 24.73%
Per: 0.18%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

The Ecological Overshoot, Water, and the Investor - Oakshire Financial

...... aquifers is being reflected in reduced amounts of water flowing at the surface This is happening along the Atlantic Coastal Plain , groundwater depletion is also responsible for the Yellow River in China not reaching the ocean for months at a time , the failure of the Colorado River in the US and the Indus River in Pakistan failing to reach the ocean every day If you let the population ......

(1449 words by
Tone: 0.78%
Pol: 5.05%
Act: 23.77%
Per: 1.55%
Que: 1.43%
Exc: 0.00%

Environmental Health Perspectives: How Sustainable Agriculture Can Address the Environmental and Human Health Harms of Industrial Agriculture

...... from the river , which in failed to reach the sea for days , its worst dry spell ever recorded Since the s , the amount of land irrigated with water from the Yellow River has more than tripled In parts of the United States , much of the water used for irrigation serves the livestock sector for example , the beef feedlots of Colorado , Kansas , Nebraska , ......

(8723 words by
Tone: -0.25%
Pol: 7.14%
Act: 19.13%
Per: 0.33%
Que: 0.22%
Exc: 0.00%

Off the Deep End Beijing's Water Demand Outpaces Supply Despite Conservation ... - Circle of Blue WaterNews

...... the Yangtze River Basin to the thirsty cities in the north And , in a measure of desperation , the city will begin diverting million cubic meters billion gallons of Yellow River water annually , starting this year In , the Beijing government will set aside US million RMB million to buy water from other provinces Quenching the City Thirst Beijing ......

(3045 words by
Tone: 0.36%
Pol: 4.94%
Act: 21.43%
Per: 0.71%
Que: 0.83%
Exc: 0.00%

More Interactives and Maps - National Geographic Magazine

...... have hit Earth Bolivia Altiplano View stunning aerial images Your Shot China Map Tour China through readers images Photo Map Bitter Waters See the toll of growth along the Yellow River Pilgrimage Sites Learn about popular pilgrimage destinations Basho Trail Writer Howard Norman shares observations Maps Of The Pacific Learn more about the migration of the Lapita India ......

(1205 words by
Tone: 3.79%
Pol: 7.89%
Act: 26.26%
Per: 1.42%
Que: 14.15%
Exc: 0.00%

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Blog Posts

All 165 blog posts:


22gh7568cq - Environmental changes in China's history and the <b>...</b>

...... Roman lt SPAN style -family 'Times New Roman come and fight against the natural environment lt SPAN style -family 'Times New Roman Niigata halogen Reflects the Yellow River dry , Niigata halogen land salinization , and the history of the people scenes diligent hard work for thousands of years , the environment has become lost in the past in northern China The Used ......

(1615 words by
Tone: 6.75%
Pol: 10.07%
Act: 15.98%
Per: 1.09%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Water's Role in <b>Global Warming</b> | Illinois Solar and Wind Installation

...... that choke lungs in Beijing , close schools in Koreas , dust cars in Japan , and rain dust on mountains across the Pacific and Western Canada State irrigation projects along the Yellow River soak up the majority of its water the total official allocations are greater than the actual flow the resulting drought could be an early warning sign of global warming Much of the declines in ......

(1815 words by
Tone: 1.24%
Pol: 5.75%
Act: 24.02%
Per: 3.60%
Que: 12.09%
Exc: 2.20%

New research from last week 17/2011 AGW Observer

...... say that the warming process of China was reflected mainly by increasing minimum temperature In addition , consistently increasing temperature was found in the upper reaches of the Yellow River basin , the Yangtze River basin , which have the potential to enhance the melting of permafrost in these areas This may trigger new ecological problems and raise new challenges for the river basin ......

(1632 words by
Tone: 2.76%
Pol: 5.70%
Act: 20.79%
Per: 0.23%
Que: 2.78%
Exc: 1.39%

Why Ending Poverty is Greener than Green by Paul Polak

...... the army of experts who supervise its distribution Now add the carbon footprint required to regularly distribute food and water to regions in chronic deficit , like China Yellow River Basin and India Deccan Plateau In Mumbai alone , water tankers made trips daily this year to deliver water to poor people during the dry season Add to this the carbon footprint of the ......

(592 words by
Tone: -2.46%
Pol: 10.67%
Act: 22.33%
Per: 0.66%
Que: 10.71%
Exc: 0.00%

The five scariest places on Earth environmental journalist Fred <b>...</b>

...... Why has the world not heard about this Huayuankou , China Standing on the spot where , in , a Chinese general thwarted Japanese invaders by dynamiting the dykes of the Yellow River , but also drowned nearly a million of his countrymen Today , behind its dykes , the silty river flows metres above the surrounding plain the next breach could kill even more Sumatra , ......

(426 words by
Tone: 0.70%
Pol: 5.37%
Act: 19.86%
Per: 0.93%
Que: 3.70%
Exc: 0.00%

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All 14 tweets:
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co2levels Population Growth Influences Climate Change -

(11 words)
(10/12/2010 at 04:43:53 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 9.09%
Pol: 9.09%
Act: 18.18%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...The Sky is Falling in China – Global Warming Warnings: Henny Penny is running around in China…

(21 words)
(09/09/2010 at 4:06:37 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 0.00%
Act: 19.05%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...'Global warming spells doom for Asia's rivers'...

(16 words)
(09/05/2010 at 11:20:19 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: -6.25%
Pol: 6.25%
Act: 12.50%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...'Global warming spells doom for Asia's rivers - Times of India'...

(19 words)
(09/05/2010 at 9:01:59 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: -5.26%
Pol: 5.26%
Act: 10.53%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


....: BBC News - EU, China, India Climate Change Deal

(13 words)
(07/18/2010 at 4:15:08 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 0.00%
Act: 23.08%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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