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Colorado Flooding: Did Climate Change Play A Role In Recent Disaster?

...... between Sept. 10-12 to turn 2012 from one of Boulder's driest years into a year that, so far, is rivaling its wettest on record. Credit: Dennis Adams-Smith/Climate Central. Did Climate Change Make This Event More Likely? It will take climate scientists many months to complete studies into whether manmade global warming made the Boulder flood more likely to occur, but the amount by ......

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Climate Change And Weather Modification: Could We Control The Future?

...... From Accuweather's Mark Levatich: A U.S. study is under way to evaluate several possible ways to limit climate change including solar radiation management and carbon dioxide removal. The study will primarily be an analysis of peer-reviewed literature, and will not involve any substantial new research, experimentation, or development of new geoengineering technology, spokeswoman Lauren ......

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Al Gore, 'Inconvenient Truth' Author And Global-Warming Expert, Talks About Change

...... once in a hundred or a thousand years will become much more frequent. To prevent even worse consequences, we have to change the way we do things and stop putting 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every 24 hours. Q: In your new book, you ask if we have a "crisis of confidence" in humanity's future. Well, what do you think? Al Gore: There are too many of ......

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Jared Bernstein: Got Any Spare Change (Theory)?

...... be stuck with austerity economics and "Obamacare kills children" for the indeterminate future. More damagingly, we may well be unable to ban assault weapons or take actions against climate change, all due to... what? A missing movement? An inadequate theory of how change occurs? Lack of money? Votes? These thoughts came to mind this morning reading Frank Sharry's interesting piece in the ......

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Obama's Second-Term Energy And Climate Agenda Taking Shape

...... it looks a lot like the first: more reliance on renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, and expanded production of oil and natural gas. Obama also is promising to address climate change, an issue he has acknowledged was sometimes overlooked during his first term. "The president has been clear that tackling climate change and enhancing energy security will be among his top ......

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: A Break for Clean Energy, 2012 Hottest Yet, GravityLight, and More!

...... 8 degrees by 2100. The new hot investment tip: bikinis and thongs! Global Insurance Industry Says Cut the Carbon, Already! As they pay out more billions every year for damages from climate change, reports Ken Weiss at the LA Times . The muli-TRILLION dollar industry is cleaning up its act and portfolios, and urging the rest of the planet to do so, too. *****Mother Nature Better Than ......

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Obama, Mitt Romney Largely Leave Guns, Gay Rights, Climate Change On Election Sidelines

...... By CHARLES BABINGTON, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON Of the roughly 50,000 words spoken in this month's three presidential debates, none were "climate change," "global warming" or "greenhouse gas." Housing was discussed in the first debate, but the word "foreclosure" was mentioned in none. Nor was gay marriage. The 2012 presidential campaign, not just the debates, has focused heavily ......

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Climate Change Not Mentioned In Presidential Debates For First Time In A Generation

...... on trade with China and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and made brief mentions of renewable technology and "energy independence." But as noted by several debate watchers, climate change was never mentioned -- not by the candidates, and not by the debate moderator, Bob Schieffer of CBS News. Given the absence of the topic at the two preceding meetings between Obama and Romney, the ......

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Scientist Who Saw Drowned Polar Bears Reprimanded

...... JUNEAU, Alaska -- An Alaska scientist whose observations of drowned polar bears helped galvanize the global warming movement has been reprimanded for improper release of government documents. An Interior Department official said emails released by Charles Monnett were cited by a federal appeals court in decisions to vacate approval by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management of an oil and gas ......

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Asteroid Dust Cloud Could Act As Sunshade, Fight Climate Change On Earth, Researchers Suggest

...... By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 09/29/2012 09:22 AM EDT on LiveScience To combat global warming, scientists in Scotland now suggest an out-of-this-world solution a giant dust cloud in space, blasted off an asteroid, which would act like a sunshade for Earth. The world is warming and the climate is changing. Although many want to prevent these shifts by reducing ......

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Pam Grout: <b>Global Warming</b>, Rick Perry And The South African Rain <b>...</b>

...... Memo to Governor Rick Perry: I notice you didn't make an appearance at COP 17, the United Nation's most recent stab at controlling climate change. I realize you were probably busy, beings as the Republican presidential nomination process is in full swing. Oh yeah, that and the fact you don't believe in global warming. I've got an idea, though, since you've made it abundantly clear that, in the ......

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Global Leaders Call On Canada To Fight <b>Climate Change</b> In New Ad

...... Mandela's cabinet, and Zwelinzima Vavi, general secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, on Wednesday released an ad calling on Canada to step up the battle against global warming, rather than actively promote the use of its tar sands. The ad comes just days after Canada signaled at climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa that it would likely pull out of Kyoto Protocol, ......

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Rand Paul Mocks Drowning Polar Bears, Rising Sea Levels And <b>...</b>

...... WASHINGTON -- Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul mocked concerns about global warming, rising sea levels and endangered polar bears Thursday, accusing the White House of being run by "extremists" and "hysterics" who don't care about jobs. Paul, who was arguing for a resolution that would bar the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing court-ordered clean air rules, argued EPA was going ......

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Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: Cool It

...... Ondi Timoner's Cool It is meant to be an answer of sorts to Davis Guggenheim's Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth , the movie that lit a fuse on the growing concern about global warming and the way humans have created and hastened its spread. Timoner's film focuses on Bjorn Lomborg, an amiable Dane with a blond Beatles' haircut who, despite his academic and scientific credentials, still ......

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Mark Joseph: The World According To "Cool It"

...... Unlike schoolchildren around the world who take crayon to paper and draw horrible pictures of a world in which climate change has ruined our cities, I don't spend too much time thinking about the issue of global warming. Not because I don't believe in science mind you, but precisely because I do believe in science, and its dynamic nature which often means that the things we worry about today ......

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Dr. Reese Halter: California's <b>Global Warming</b> Law Is Here to Stay

...... of California will not capitulate to big Texas Oil interest. Instead polls strongly suggest they will vote "no" to Proposition 23 and support Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's legacy: The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Schwarzenegger deserves kudos for his forward-thinking actions to combat rising greenhouse gases. California is leading North America with an aggressive law to reduce ......

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Bill Maher: The Environment Is The Ultimate Health Care Issue (VIDEO)

...... Bill Maher called the environment the "ultimate health care issue" Friday night during "Real Time" and argued that our future depends on our ability to stop global warming. But some on his panel weren't so convinced. Conservative talk radio host Amy Holmes, actor Hill Harper, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson weighed in, with Harper being the sole panelist to agree with Maher's ......

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Heather Taylor-Miesle: Why Young People Must Call Congress About <b>...</b>

...... it and not belittle them." Graham is right on the money: Young people know their future is at stake and this is NOT a partisan issue. On the contrary, if America continues to ignore global warming, this generation will pay the price in the form of a disrupted climate, drought, and increased national security threats not to mention all the refugees who will need help. But if we confront this ......

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Nikolas Kozloff: Blackout in Brazil: Hydropower and Our Climate <b>...</b>

...... 23 million tons of carbon dioxide and 140,000 tons of methane. Dr. Philip Fearnside, a scientist who I interviewed for my upcoming book No Rain In the Amazon: How South America's Climate Change Affects The Entire Planet (Palgrave Macmillan, April 2010), has calculated that during this time Balbina's greenhouse gas output was four times that of a coal-fired plant producing the same amount ......

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Climate Deal For Copenhagen: Time Is Running Out

...... BARCELONA, Spain — Developing countries don't trust wealthy nations' promises that they will help them meet the challenges of climate change, the U.N.'s top climate official said Monday, adding that means any new global warming deal must have legal force. The legal status of an agreement and whether nations will be sanctioned for failing to meet their commitments are contentious issues in ......

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Kevin Grandia: Acronym Hell and the Path to a Global Climate Deal

...... My dad used to tell me that nothing ever gets done in a meeting that lasts more than a half hour. The latest round of international negotiations for a global climate change treaty have been underway for two years now. Some would argue that there's been more than ten years of meetings and we still don't have an effective climate treaty in place. Observing the climate talks that wrapped up in ......

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UN Climate Summit Puts China, India In Spotlight

...... speaks during the opening ceremony for Climate Week NYC Monday, Sept. 21, 2009 in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II) UNITED NATIONS — In the highest-level conference yet on climate change, 100 world leaders come to the United Nations on Tuesday to decide how to start an energy revolution. While attention turns to U.S. President Barack Obama's first U.N. speech, the most substantial ......

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U.S. <b>Climate Change</b> Commitment Questioned By European Leaders

...... New York Times : As world leaders gather in New York for the highest-level conference yet on climate change, European leaders are expressing growing unease about the United States' stance in international talks aimed at reaching a global agreement in Copenhagen in December. Officials of several European countries have cited what they see as a lack of political will on the part of the United ......

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Beau Friedlander: Van Jones: The Partisan Politics of Mutually <b>...</b>

...... assured distraction is the name of the game, and both sides are expert at it. The winner? No one. The loser? First and foremost, America. Runner-up: Health care reform, a strong climate change bill, better education, and, for the GOP, the scariest thing on Earth: Obama's brighter tomorrow. Solution: stop playing games with the future of the nation? Originally published by Air America. ......

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Gene Karpinski: Labor Day 2009: Protect the American Worker with a <b>...</b>

...... bet at providing relief is by finishing what the House started: passing a comprehensive clean energy bill that will create jobs, cut our dependence on foreign oil, and reduce harmful global warming pollution. It's so good that we have Glenn Beck around to explain what's actually happening in our government. Beck looks at Obama's green jobs czar, Van... FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- Supporters ......

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Mike Sandler: Let's put a Saddam Mustache on Climate Change

...... Calling all graphic designers, artists, Banksy, anyone! We need to Photoshop Saddam Hussein's mustache onto climate change. It's the only thing that will motivate people to action on climate change. Most people think climate change is an interesting topic for a seminar or lecture, not an ongoing worldwide emergency, and we need some sort of visual equivalent of yelling "fire" in a crowded ......

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Nancy Stoner: A Surprise Way to Keep Our Beaches Clean: Pass a <b>...</b>

...... a new solution to turn to: the clean energy and climate bill working its way through Congress. What does an energy bill have to do with beachwater? An awful lot, it turns out, because global warming poses an immediate risk to nearly every town and city beach across the country. I saw for myself how this works just a few weeks ago. Like millions of Americans, I fled the August heat by heading ......

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The Food-Climate-Atrazine Connection Explained

...... life and harm human health.Moreover, the Montreal Protocol does not regulate nitrous oxide. Of course, agriculture-induced nitrous oxide isn't just eating the ozone layer. It's also a greenhouse gas with 300 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide. Thus the implications of agriculture's reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer are literally earth-shaking: The way we're feeding ......

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Jeff Biggers: Call Now: Verizon Wireless Sponsors Union-Busting <b>...</b>

...... surprising sponsor.) Does the Environmental Defense Fund, which recognized Verizon's Green Initiatives--to save energy, support solar and other renewable energy sources, and lower its greenhouse gas emissions--know that Verizon Wireless is sponsoring the featured speaker, Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science adviser to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who is one of the ......

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Richard Stuebi: A Tale of Two Cities

...... ESTES PARK, Colo. — Global warming is threatening America's national parks. But there is no consensus about how to prevent the harm. Republican Sen. John... HOUSTON -- Hard on the heels of the health care protests, another citizen movement seems to have sprung up, this one to oppose Washington's attempts... Cap-and-trade legislation to limit U.S. carbon dioxide emissions has "gotten ......

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