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This page lists all news articles mentioning Van Rompuy relating to Climate Change. For a complete overview of this entry's activities relating to this topic, please see the Van Rompuy Person DB Profile.

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350,000 Kiev citizens take to streets after Yanukovich's EU U-turn | EurActiv

...... its provisions But in the absence of any evidence of economic reform , we will not be drawn into a meaningless bidding war over Ukraine rsquo s future We agree with Presidents Van Rompuy and Barroso It is up to Ukraine to freely decide what kind of engagement it seeks with the European Union We therefore strongly disapprove of the Russian position and actions rsquo We ......

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21st EU-Japan Summit |

...... on a Strategic Partnership Agreement and a Free Trade Agreement are a concrete demonstration of our special relationship and of our willingness to cooperate and prosper together Van Rompuy added A strong strategic partnership between the EU and Japan can make a real difference in working for international peace and security , promoting economic prosperity and upholding the ......

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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Daily News of 2013-11-05

...... under the motto 'Putting citizens at the heart of the European project in times of change' After the meeting , at , Commission president Barroso , European Council president Van Rompuy and Vice-President Of The European Parliament Surjn will hold a joint press conference which will be transmitted live on EbS Press release , list of participants and president Barroso press ......

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Efficiency lags behind in EUs triple energy target | EurActiv

...... on energy efficiency in Europe rsquo s building stock , a sector that requires particular attention if the EU is to make its energy efficiency goals In an unusually direct speech , Van Rompuy said that such a strategy could create two million new jobs in the EU the EU rsquo s long-term budget , or multi-annual financial framework for - , will more than double the ......

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US embassy cables: Spain's 'profound' regret that Obama won't visit | World news |

...... as a transitional EU presidency , trying to find a balance with EU president Van Rompuy and High Representative Ashton , dividing up meetings , and agreeing on appropriate roles for both Van Rompuy and Zapatero in a proposed US-EU Summit in Spain C By the time the new US Ambassador arrived January , the GOS was clearly becoming nervous about the summit In his first days , senior ......

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EU chiefs call for G20 decision on fossil fuel subsidies

...... in energy infrastructure , they write Based on GDP , the EU is the G largest member the United Kingdom , Germany and France also take part independently Barroso and Van Rompuy add We call on all G members to also step up their efforts and further deepen our cooperation in order to ensure strong , sustainable and balanced growth the IMF estimates global fossil ......

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South Africa-EU Summit to enhance bilateral ties |

...... July the summit is taking place on Nelson Mandela International Day providing a chance to pay tribute to one of the greatest moral and political leaders of our time As president Van Rompuy stated In A fast-evolving world , the EU and South Africa can make a difference by working together I look forward to sharing and discussing with our South African partners our respective ......

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Rising Energy Dependency Endangers Europe's Economy

...... pointed out , extraction may be much more complicated in Europe than it has been in the US , and there are large question marks over the environmental damage fracking could cause As Van Rompuy said , there is huge potential for renewable energy hellip and we should take full advantage of it , especially now that these technologies are becoming more and more mature MEPs Back ......

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Is Europe Giving Up on "Green" Energy? | Power Line

...... in Europe , European president Herman Van Rompuy said Industry finds it hard to compete with foreign firms who pay half the price for electricity , like in the United States , Van Rompuy said at the close of an EU summit focused on energy and tax evasion the EU heads of state and government met amid fears the US-led shale boom will reshape the global economy and leave Europe ......

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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - EU-Japan summit (Tokyo - 25 March 2013)

...... includes world economy and trade , developments in our respective neighbourhoods , climate change , sustainable development , clean and secure energy , and non-proliferation president Van Rompuy said Since the first EU-Japan summit in , EU-Japan relations have expanded and diversified considerably am convinced that much more can be done , building on our shared values and ......

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David Cameron panned over Eastleigh by-election & Tory’s say he’s out of touch | The Sun |News|Politics

...... especially to the career politicians and mandarins of the EU He once told the EU president Herman Van Rompuy he resembled a low grade bank clerk , and he is quite unapologetic Has Van Rompuy ever tried to punch him Farage laughs No , he just looks at me very quizzically , in a very Belgian manner He a very , very , odd fish I don't think any of those politicians have any ......

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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - EU's response to the "Arab Spring": The State-of-Play after Two Years

...... succession of high-level visits to Egypt has been made to underline and highlight this support , by inter alia European Commission president Barroso and European Council president Van Rompuy , by HR VP Ashton and commissioner For Neighbourhood Policy Fle One of the first foreign visits undertaken by the newly-elected president Morsi of Egypt was to Brussels which resulted in ......

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Budget negotiations can save lives globally | European Voice

...... At next week European Council , European leaders will decide how much money the EU will have in the next seven years and on which priorities it will be spent Van Rompuy calls budget summit in February , - January As A European network of humanitarian NGOs , we fully grasp that the current economic climate is particularly difficult However , if EU leaders choose to cut ......

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As CELAC-EU Summit concludes, leaders look to turn words to actions

...... the CELAC-EU Summit concluded , its leaders reiterated that much of the work lies ahead In the coming years a lot of work will be done in translating our words into active results , Van Rompuy said We have a huge responsibility , Piera added But at the same time a wonderful opportunity By Charlotte Karrlsson-Willis kwillis santiagotimes cl Copyright - the ......

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Little-known Dutchman takes over as Eurogroup Chair | EurActiv

...... deserves our gratitude Not only was he the very first president of the Eurogroup but he also led it during the most difficult period - and even with a smile and sense of humour , Van Rompuy rsquo s statement ends the Green EFA group in the European parliament reacted negatively to the election of Dijsselbloem Green finance spokesperson Sven Giegold said in a statement ......

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KUNA : EU-Brazil summit to discuss situation in Middle East, North Africa - Politics - 19/01/2013

...... inter-dependent world and greatly benefit from working together , said the president Of The European Commission , Jose Manuel Barroso the EU will be represented at both summits by Van Rompuy and Barroso end nk nfm KUNA Jan NNNN ......

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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - 6th EU-Brazil Summit. An Ever-Closer Relationship

...... in the implementing the strategic partnership , specifically bilateral cooperation in fields such as science , technology and innovation , education , and human rights president Van Rompuy noted the EU and Brazil are close partners and share a profound commitment to democratic values , effective multilateralism , and the rule of law We share the vision of a world based on ......

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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - Summit of the European Union and the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC): Creating Alliances for Investment and Sustainable Development

...... Vice-President Of The Commission , and Chilean Foreign minister Alfredo Moreno Foreign Ministers will discuss the theme working towards for growth and stability president Van Rompuy said In Santiago , we will reaffirm the strategic nature of our relationship based on common values We will review the main challenges that the international community is facing and consider ......

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PressTV - Cameron must take steps towards European integration: Shahrar Ali

...... made by Van Rompuy , the basic question that comes about who needs who more Does the EU needs Britain as much or vice versa Ali That is a very good way of putting it and I think Van Rompuy although he is overstating the risk of harm to the EU if Cameron got his way which is a form of disengagement , I think that the British citizens I think if they had such a referendum on repatriation ......

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David Cameron's moves could make EU fall apart, says Herman Van Rompuy | World news |

...... to whether this will come , said an EU ambassador in Brussels , adding that Cameron could find himself in the lonely position of being the sole national leader urging a renegotiation Van Rompuy highlighted the problems , signalling that he would seek to avoid unpicking the treaty the treaties allow a considerable degree of flexibility and much can be done without needing to amend them , ......

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EU's Van Rompuy warns of UK cherry-picking | SBS World News

...... is due to make a keynote speech on Europe early next year and has said there would be opportunities for changing our relationship with Brussels In an interview with the Guardian , Van Rompuy said If every member state were able to cherry-pick those parts of existing policies that they most like , and opt out of those that they least like , the union in general , and the single market ......

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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - "Sustainable development: The European Commission's New Year's resolutions"

...... congratulate the European Union on receiving this year Nobel Peace Prize In The Nobel acceptance speech , which I had the honour to give in Oslo last week together with president Van Rompuy , I stressed this point Tackling climate change and working for global sustainable development is part of our fight for peace and justice Sustainable development and justice are twin-principles , ......

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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - Speech - Challenges and opportunities ahead for the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States

...... Gentlemen , I am honoured to be addressing such a distinguished audience at this very important Summit On behalf of the European Union I bring greetings from European Council president Van Rompuy and Commission president Barroso , both of whom send their sincere apologies for being unable to attend your Summit and their best wishes for its success You could not have chosen a more pertinent ......

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EU Sees Nobel Peace Prize as Spur to Overcome Debt Crisis - Bloomberg

...... far Europe has come We are hit by the worst economic crisis in two generations , causing great hardship among our people and putting the political bonds of our union to the test , Van Rompuy said for some , not only joint decisions , but the very fact of deciding jointly , may come into doubt Back in Brussels , a week of trials await for joint decision-making Finance ministers ......

(797 words by
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Exc: 0.00% | EU sees Nobel Peace Prize as spur to overcome economic crisis

...... how far Europe has come We are hit by the worst economic crisis in two generations , causing great hardship among our people , and putting the political bonds of our union to the test , Van Rompuy said for some , not only joint decisions , but the very fact of deciding jointly , may come into doubt the Oslo ceremony was attended by national leaders including German chancellor Angela Merkel ......

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The European Union receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo - Gozo News.Com

...... Rompuy , president Of The European Council and Jose Manuel Duro Barroso , president Of The European Commission made at the ceremony From war to peace a European tale President Van Rompuy takes the floor Your Majesties , Your Royal Highnesses , Heads Of State and Government , Members Of The Norwegian Nobel Committee , Excellencies , Ladies and Gentlemen , It is with humility and ......

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Press digest -

...... B ouml rzen Zeitung quotes EU president Herman Van Rompuy saying an EU budget deal was possible early next year , despite a two-day Brussels summit failed to reach any agreement Van Rompuy downplayed division , saying that constructive discussions at the summit meant a deal for the -nation bloc could be viable in early the summit was aimed at confronting the economic ......

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Agriculture spending | European Voice

...... only direct payments to farmers , and the second pillar based on rural development , which contains payments because of environmental and land-stewardship measures the cuts proposed by Van Rompuy hit the second pillar hardest His plan would see cuts in direct payments to farmers of but it would cut rural development funds by , even though that first pillar is three times as ......

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Research on the chopping block | European Voice blogs

...... would be cut by But traditional CAP funding is being largely protected by member states , in the face of Commission attempts to reign it in the latest compromise text from Van Rompuy would see euro billion in cuts spread evenly between agriculture and cohesion policy , but this will be furiously resisted by certain member states Even under the compromise , the amount of ......

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A vital energy deal on onshore wind power is blown apart - Telegraph

...... it could amount to a reduction of almost per cent , and the authoritative Institute For European Environmental Policy expects even more cuts to come the disproportionate axing shows Van Rompuy is favouring France more than Britain , which has long supported Pillar Two and is particularly good at using the cash Two thirds of England rsquo s agricultural land ndash including ......

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